Scavenger Hunt!

On a recent trip to Michigan I was informed an “Adventure Manny” would be minding the kids some of my visit. A what? That’s right, an Adventure Manny. You mean a babysitter? Not even close.

I was introduced to Zak Dombrowski. According to his website, Zak is a professional travel nanny and adventure educator. Imagine Supernanny Jo Frost and Bear Grylls had a baby – that baby would be Zak.

Zak is amazing at what he does. He has wonderful rapport with the kids and draws from a broad base of interests, knowledge, and experience. He led the kids on all kinds of fun, physical, and mentally challenging adventures throughout the week. On my final day, he organized a scavenger hunt. I figured he would hide a few plastic dinosaurs, a golden egg, maybe whip up a treasure map on the back of a napkin, and call it a day. Again, not even close. Instead, the kids were treated to an incredible afternoon digging, decoding, trekking, boating, and snorkeling. All the while learning about maps, glacial lake formation, teamwork, and problem solving. In my next life, I want Zak as my babysitter…I mean…Adventure Educator Manny Badass Dude Guy. If you have some travel upcoming and would like a unique experience for your kids and a little bonus R&R for you and your significant other, ring Zak up.

Goonies meets Oak Island. So much fun.

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