Philosophy and Style

The memories that tend to resonate most with me as a father are often those that are most fleeting – the way my daughter smiles at me when she first wakes up, how she stuffs her cheeks like a chipmunk when eating a banana, seeing her nestled on my wife’s chest, among countless others. If given the opportunity, it is these everyday, extraordinarily ordinary moments I would bottle up to preserve forever and that I will yearn most to recollect and share one/five/ten/fifty years from now.

Photography is unique not only in its ability to ferry us back to a specific time or place but to a specific emotional experience. Effectively translating this to a still image necessitates keen sensitivity to the nuances and idiosyncrasies that make the people, places, and activities of your family unique.

To accomplish this, my approach is more documentary in nature.

Sessions tend to be less formal – NO unnatural, obligatory primping or polishing – more fun, occasionally a bit messy, and always authentic. The process is more fluid with the rhythm of your normal daily life, activities, and family interactions. Think of it less like someone coming to “take” your picture and more like having a trusted member of your extended family embedded as photographer. The more open and trusting our relationship, the better the photos. I take this responsibility very seriously.

I encourage you to browse some example work. If this looks and sounds like what you are looking for, let’s connect by phone or over a cup of coffee to chat through the details. You can also find additional Session Info here.