Session Info

Sessions range from one day to a week. Individual sessions are ~8-10 hours in length – encompassing a full day in your life. If you are unfamiliar with the documentary approach, it may sound like a lot of time, but it is designed to dovetail well with the natural ebb and flow of normal daily activity, personalities, feedings, tiredness, and mood swings (they do happen) while providing ample opportunity for a broad array of image-making opportunities. The documentary approach ensures sessions are relaxed and fun, making time pass effortlessly and as true to normal daily life as possible.

For children ages 0-3, multiple sessions over one to three years are recommended. More details on this below.

Scheduling is first come, first serve. The schedule fills up fast during warmer months, so it is best to inquire well in advance, in particular if you are expecting. Winter too can be a great time to shoot and should not be overlooked.


All sessions are shot on-location in the comfort of your home and out-and-about visiting places and doing the things you enjoy most – morning snuggles, giving your baby his or her first bath, learning to crawl, playing in the yard, meal time, cooking, crafting, nap time, going for a walk, the beach…anything that speaks to the richness of your life. You being you.

Limited extended destination/vacation bookings are available annually and are based on availability. A minimum booking of 2 sequential session days is required for destination bookings.

If Your Children Are Ages 0-3, Consider Multiple Sessions

For children ages 0-3, planning for multiple sessions over the course of the first one to three years is highly recommended. I have never heard anyone regret having too many photos of their kids at this age. But sadly have heard many regret not having more. There is a reason why:

The interplay between individual moments and the passage of time creates a compelling photo legacy. Physiologically the rate of change between birth and age three is unparalleled. Put simply, THEY GROW FAST! No matter how much we are forewarned as expecting parents, the reality never ceases to amaze. And can sometimes be a blur. Multiple sessions spread out over the course of the first one to three years ensures a rich photo diary of this incredible time in your child’s life, affords you an opportunity to relive the blur, to watch your kids grow all over again, and for your son or daughter – when they’re of age – to reconnect with their past.

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