Get the Shot

I get asked frequently, “How can I take better pictures of my kids?” I could rattle on about reading your camera’s manual, the exposure triangle, light, composition, and a myriad of other things. But a good place to start – arguably the best place – is simply to be present. Too often mom and dad’s camera only comes out on holidays and birthdays, missing the extraordinary ordinary moments that fill everyday life. Make a point to have your camera out and accessible at home. Then open your eyes. Really open your eyes. Observe like you are your¬†toddler. Worry less about technical perfection in pressing that shutter button and more about what you see and feel in any given moment.

Case and point :

Most photographers are control freaks; I am no exception. I obsess over clients’ images. I want control over as many technical variables as possible. A real challenge when photographing kids and dogs. Unrealistic truthfully. In this particular case, it was all but pitch-black in the bedroom. With a little shaft of light streaming through a small closet window. It looked beautiful to my eye but was surely too dark to capture anything meaningful. Boloney! Trust your instincts. I grabbed a camera, cranked the ISO as high as it would go, and shot rapid fire. In so doing, violating just about every technical rule in my book. The performance lasted all of 60 seconds. The images are underexposed, blurry, and grainy as all getup. A full-on strikeout. Or was it? They’re kind of magic. They remind me a little of Degas’ charcoal drawings. They surely won’t be winning any awards, but I am glad to have them.

First…get the shot!

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