Guiding Eyes breeders hind quarters to hind quarters in breeding tie.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind – An Inside Look – Part 2

In Part 1 we got a glimpse inside the whelping kennel at Guiding Eyes’ Canine Development Center (CDC). Down the hall and a flight of stairs, the breeding kennel runs in parallel. The two sides feed each other in support of a common mission but function independently day-to-day. Where the whelping kennel caters to broods and pups during the birthing, neonatal, and earliest socialization stages of development, the breeding kennel serves a complementary but developmentally distinct array of needs in the life of a service dog. Daily breeding kennel activities include : continuation of socialization for pups coming out of …

Guiding Eyes for the Blind Canine Development Center Campus Entrance

Guiding Eyes for the Blind – An Inside Look – Part 1

Nestled in the hillside along NY 164 in Patterson, NY is Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s Canine Development Center (CDC). Don’t blink or you might miss it; I did. Modest as it is from the road, what goes on inside is magnificent. The CDC is where the journey of all Guiding Eyes guide and autism service dogs begins. Since my wife and I began volunteering for Guiding Eyes Eastern Massachusetts Puppy Raising Region in 2008, we have had the pleasure to work with numerous pups, many of whom went on to life-altering service careers. But where do these pups come …

Baby Declan

It was a privilege and great pleasure to help Nicole and Matt welcome their first born son. Twelve days fresh, Declan was more than happy to oblige a few clicks of the shutter with his perfect complement of napping and wide-eyed discovery. Congrats Nicole and Matt. And Welcome Declan! (want to view the images larger? click any image to open in slideshow mode without text. then click left/right.)

Pup Wichita leaps in the air to catch a bubble.

Backyard Fun

When I got the invite from Helen to document a little backyard fun with her pup, Wichita, and granddaughters, Lola and Elise, I knew I was in for a treat. Simple summer pleasures – sun, green grass, sunflowers in bloom, two bottles of bubbles, one garden hose, and a (surprisingly) aerobatic pup with Jaws like tendencies. Lots of giggles and we all got a little bit wet. Just as it should be this time of year. Treble bonus points for the Fubbles Bubbles brand catching wind of the photos and featuring the session in some of their marketing. While I’d …